Ways to use a Premium domain

Most people who invest in a premium domain already have a current website in operation. The purchase of a new domain doesn’t mean a rebuild of your site, these are the most common ways to utilise a premium domain…


Re-Direct to your website

Your new domain doesn’t mean forking out on a new website, you can utilise the one you already have and easily set the new name as the primary domain and the old one to redirect back to it so you don’t loose any traffic or search ranking.

Alternatively you can set your new domain to simply mask and redirect to your current website so you gain all the direct traffic and SEO benefits but your current domain is still the primary name!


Replicate Email Accounts

You can replicate the current email addresses you already have under your new domain to enhance your brand authority, the old email addresses will still be valid and simply forward to the new inbox (or vice versa)… 2 email addresses into 1 inbox – no stress!


Capture all emails

Perhaps you don’t want to create new mailboxes but you still want to collect all those emails accidentally sent to the premium .com address, well you can easily create a rule for all emails that are sent to “@yourdomain.com” to collect into a single inbox of your choice!


Our Post Sale support help you get set-up quick and easy to start using your new domain the way you want it!

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